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Zayn Imagine - Break up & Make up (Part 2)

The next morning, as you were having breakfast with (Y/BF/N), the door bell rang. “I’ll get it.” You said as you stood up to walk to the door.

As you got by and opened the door, your face filled with disgust just looking at who was at the door. “What the heck are you doing here? Get the fuck out of my apartment!” You spat.

"I’m so sorry, Natalie. Jus-, just let me explain. Please." Says Caleb, guilt clear on his face.

"I don’t wanna listen to your stupid excuses. Do you even know what you did? It’s because of you," You point at him, "that Zayn and I aren’t together anymore." 

"Oh god. Listen, Natalie, you know I would never do that! We were both cool after we broke up. I was drunk!” 

"I don’t fucking care if you were drunk, Caleb. What is done, is done. Now neither you, nor I, can do anything about it." You say as you moved your hand through your hair, exasperated. 

"How can I make it up to you? I’ll do anything." He plead.

"I don’t think there’s anything you can do. Just don’t ever talk to me again." You say as you shut the door at his face. 

You went back to continue your breakfast, which you no more felt like eating. You randomly moved the fork around in your plate, thinking about the situation you were in. You didn’t know what to do. Neither could you talk to Zayn about it ‘cause you knew he won’t listen to a thing you say, nor did you wanna just break up with him like this because he already meant so much to you. 

"Who was it?" (Y/BF/N) asked. 

"Caleb. Came to say sorry." You answered frankly.

"And let me guess, you shut the door at his face in the end?"

"Yep." You say, popping the ‘p’, as you both burst out laughing.


Around two hours after that, you were idly sitting around in your room, fiddling with your phone - going on twitter, facebook and tumblr. That’s when the door bell rang again. You got up and went to the door to open it. As soon as you did your face lit up by the sight. 

Zayn quickly took you in his arms and kissed you passionately. And no doubt you kissed him back with the same passion.

"I’m so sorry." He mumbled against your lips, but didn’t break the kiss. You pulled back when you were completely out of breath.   

"I am seriously very sorry babe." Zayn said as he pecked your lips again, his face full of mixed emotions - happiness, seriousness, regret. "Caleb told me everything, how he was drunk and you even protested and I’m really very sorry, Natalie. I should’ve trusted you. I guess the anger took over me."

"I … I guess it’s okay. But.." You paused. "Zayn, do you really trust me?"

"I do! There’s no one I trust more than you, Natalie. Not even the boys." He says. 

You pulled him into yet another passionate kiss as your hands flung around his neck and his were around your waist, resting at the small of your back. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- Hope you liked it! :) Nikki xx

Zayn Imagine (clean) for Natalie - Break up & make up (Part 1)

"Natalie!" Called out Zayn, your three-month boyfriend.

"Yeah?" You shouted from the other room.

"You’ve got a call!" He replied. You lousily got up from your current position on the bed and walked up to Zayn.

"Who is it?" You asked as you reached beside him.

He handed you the phone and said, “Some Alec.” He shrugged.

"Oh." You couldn’t think of any Alec. But then you remembered one from you college which wasn’t at all possible. "Hello?"

"Hey, Natalie?" The voice said.

"Alec? The one from my college?" You said, trying not to sound too astonished.

"Yeah. So you remember."

"How could I not?" You say, remembering him correctly. He was the hottest boy in your college. But now you were confused as to why he must be calling you.

"I just wanted to invite you to this party I’m keeping. It’s for my 21st birthday."

"Oh. Okay."

"And who was that before you?"

"He was Zayn, my boyfriend."

"That name is familiar though. But anyways, you could bring him along if you want."

You agreed and the hung up the phone after exchanging goodbyes. You turned to Zayn who was making breakfast for you both. You went closer and hugged him from behind.

"Zayn?" You sang as sweetly as possible.

"Yes baby?" He turned his face a little to kiss you.

"Will you come Alec’s party with me?" You kissed him again.

"No babe, I’m sorry. I won’t be able to. We’ve got a meeting with the management tonight." Zayn said sadly, making you pout.

"Please?" You whined.

"Uh, you know I can’t resist that face of yours." He finished the pancakes and turned around. His hands were now on your waist while yours were around his neck. He leaned in to kiss you and you happily kissed him back with just as much passion.

"So you will?" You asked.

"Yeah. I will come." Zayn smiled warmly.

"Thank you Zayn! So much!" You squealed. You pecked his lips once more before going to decide what you’re gonna wear.

Now you just arrived the party’s destination. You were wearing a black short dress with your pumps. You rang the bell of the mansion and waited for the door to open.

"Hey, so you came!" There he was. Alec. Was he even hotter than before?

"Hi!" You hugged him. "So Zayn this is Alec, and Alec thats Zayn, my boyfriend." You introduced them.

"Nice to meet you, Alec." Zayn says as he shakes hands with Alec.

"Y-you too." Alec stuttered. "You’re th-the Zayn f-from One Direction?"

"Yeah. That’s me."

You just looked at both of them, stunned. You never knew Alec would like One Direction! Now you thought maybe bringing Zayn was a bad idea.

"Please come in you both." He gave you a way to enter.

As you got in, you saw loads of people roaming around in the mansion. There were drunk people, couples kissing each other’s faces out and a few people going into rooms with their partners.

"I’m just gonna go get a drink." Zayn said as he headed with Alec to the kitchen. You looked around a little more, to see if you could find someone you recognised.

"Natalie!" Someone called. You looked around and that person finally caught your eye.

"Caleb!" You grinned as you saw him approach you. "How’ve you been?" You asked your ex.

"I’ve been good. Just missin you." He said as he came closer. You could smell the alchohol in his breath and it was clear that he was drunk.

You pushed him a little behind. “Uh..Caleb..I have a boyfriend.”

"Oh. Do you?" But that didn’t stop him from coming any closer.

"Yes. And it’s pretty serious between us. So I wouldn’t mess around. Not like you did." You pushed farther.

He still kept coming ahead and each time he took step forward, you took one back. Soon, you were pinned to the wall. “Zayn!” You called. “Zayn!” You shouted at the top of your lungs, knowing he wouldn’t hear you from the loud music.

"Oh he ain’t coming, babe." He said as he leaned in to kiss you.

You brought your head to the side and tried to push him away. “Alec! Zayn! Somebody?” You shouted. Now Caleb was kissing your neck and tears were threatening to spill from your eyes.

As Caleb kissed you forcefully, you closed your eyes, not being able to see his face. All of a sudden, he wasn’t kissing you anymore. You opened your eyes to see Zayn and Alec.

"What the heck man?!" Alec shouted at Caleb. Zayn was just looking at you, taken aback, as Alec shouted all kinds of curses at him. "She has a bloody boyfriend!" Alec said.

"Had." Was all Zayn said before he stormed out in anger.

"Zayn! No, wait! It wasn’t how it looked!" You shouted as you ran behind him.

You finally caught up with him outside the mansion and stopped him by a tug at his arm. “Please Zayn! Wait.”

"Wait for what? Listen to you building up excuses about why you kissed him?!" He exclaimed as he turned.

"No Zayn, it isn’t what you think! He kissed ME! I was calling out for you guys, but none of you helped. I tried to push him but he wouldn’t listen. I even told him I had a boyfriend. Caleb just won’t listen." You said all in one breath.

"What did you say? Caleb? Isn’t he one of your exes?" Zayn asked with furrowed eyebrows.


"Oh. It makes sense now. Thanks for clarifying." He said sarcastically before walking away. You followed him to the car.

"Sorry Zayn! I’m just so sorry!" You say as you get in the car.

"Next time, I’ll kiss a girl and tell you I’m sorry."

"Zayn!" You whined. "Didn’t you just listen to what I said?! Was I talking to myself?!"

"I don’t want to listen to any of your excuses, Natalie."

"Fine. If you just won’t listen. I don’t wanna waste my breath. You’re fucking impossible Zayn!" You exclaimed.

The rest of the ride home, was silent. Neither of you said a word.

By the time Zayn dropped you to your apartment, it was late night. You didn’t even see his face before storming out the car and into your apartment. Your best friend, (Y/BF/N), saw you storming inside with anger and got up instantly to calm you down.

"What’s wrong Natalie?" She asked with a worried look on her face. You told her the whole story whilst pouring your eyes out.

"Do you want me to talk to him?" She asked at the end. She picked up your phone.

"No." You stopped her. "I explained all of it to him, if he still thinks that I can cheat on him…then maybe I don’t deserve him." She stayed quite, not knowing what to say anymore.

To be continued….

-thanks for your patience. Sorry for the delay. And hope you like it!
Nikki xx :)

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